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Installing RAKF

RAKF (informally, the Rack-Off Security System) is a program for MVS inspired by IBM's RACF (Resource Access Control Facility, commonly pronounced "rack-eff"). RACF is a security product designed to control access to sensitive data or resources. While RAKF is much more simplistic than RACF, it provides several core features that make it useful, such as dataset protection. While most home MVS systems are probably used by a single user, RAKF is still an interesting product to install and use.

Downloading RAKF

The only place I am aware of that has RAKF for download is the H390-MVS files section which requires a Yahoo! account and membership in the H390-MVS group. There are two files in the directory which should be downloaded, rakf.aws, which is an AWS tape with RAKF files, and rakf.pdf, which contains documentation.

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